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We take pride in our team of highly skilled, caring and understanding nurses who work round the clock in helping out parents with their specific requirements.
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We are the Village of Supporters, You Need to Raise Your Child

It takes a village
to raise a child

The African adage, “It takes a village to raise a child,” stands true even in this modern era as it suggests that not all the responsibilities of taking care of a child need to rest on parental shoulders. Parents often feel stressed, overworked and burnt out while juggling between taking care of the little ones and managing their usual day-to-day activities. If you are feeling lonely and isolated on this journey called parenthood and are searching for the strong village that will help you and your children, look no further. We care for your loved ones the way you would. As a parent, you can expect all-round support when you opt for – baby and mother care services offered by Maika.

Holistic Care

Healthy parents lead to healthy families and our home nurses available across UAE ensure that parents as well as the child lead a healthy life. From taking care of the delicate needs of a newborn to providing emotional as well as physical support to new mums our nurses help you out in all possible ways.

Professional Approach

We understand that your family tops your priority list and that’s why we prepare a customized care plan depending on unique needs and requirements of each family. If you need help of our childcare providers to take care of your newborn or toddler, we are just a phone call away.

Customized Care Plan

We understand that your family tops your priority list and that’s why we prepare a customized care plan depending on the unique needs and requirements of each family. If you need help of our childcare providers to take care of your newborn or toddler, we are just a phone call away.

What We Do?

Our mother and baby care services are designed keeping






Why Choose Maika?

We take pride in our team of highly skilled, caring and understanding nurses who work round the clock in helping out parents with their specific requirements.

What We Do?

Get the right care for your child

Newborn Care

Our certified newborn care specialists will not only assist you while taking care of your baby but also educate you to become more confident parents. They will ensure that your transition to parenthood is stress-free so that you can create memories with your little bundle of joy that can be cherished for life.

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Child Care

Child care is a necessity that lays the foundation of a brighter future for your young one. Our child care providers are available in 12 to 24 hours shifts to help out busy parents and families.

Maternity Nurse

Expecting parents can rely on our maternity nurse service to receive top-notch antenatal or prenatal guidance. The maternity nurses ensure to provide you the best birthing plan as well as give the best afterbirth care.


Mother’s may experience breastfeeding to be daunting as opposed to the popular belief that it comes naturally to every new mum. With the assistance of our nurses and lactation consultants we provide the needed support to make it a pleasant experience for the mother as well as the baby.


Our Customer Stories

As new parents we feel we took the right decision by opting for the baby care service provided by Maika. We live in Sharjah and the home nurse provided to us was knowledgeable, calm and patient. She gave us great tips that helped us to create a routine for our baby. The home care nurse literally made our transition into parenthood easy and more rewarding. We are incredibly grateful for the services and are impressed by the level of dedication & professionalism exhibited by the staff provided by Maika.

- Maryam, Baby Care

Our newborn care specialist helped us remain sane and relaxed during the crazy first few months after the birth of our baby boy. The expert advice from the home care nurse provided by Maika made it possible for us to be happy and well rested parents. We will be forever grateful for the guidance and support we received at the start of our little munchkin’s life. Our home care nurse gave me the right advice when I needed it the most.

- Fathima, Newborn Care

From our personal experience we can confidently say that the staff at Maika is nurturing, kind, loving and friendly towards kids. The babysitters have a passion for bringing out the optimal potential of every child. The babysitter taking care of our daughter encouraged my daughter to explore her passions, while we were busy with our commitments at professional front. Her interest in art and craft was taken note of and that kept her engaged. From picking her up from pre-school to feeding her and keeping her surroundings hygienic, everything was taken care by the babysitter and we are forever grateful for the services.

- Ameerah, Babysitting

From day one, the caregiver provided to us by Maika provided the best care to my twins by showing them constant love and support. The way my kids were taken care of allowed me to return to work after my maternity leave ended. Now, my twins look forward for the caregiver to come and have fun while learning new skills like singing and dancing. It’s wonderful to know that my kids are safe and being nurtured the way I would have personally done, while I continue to achieve growth in my career.

- Moza, Child Care

The first few days after giving birth to my baby were really hard on me. That’s when a friend of mine suggested me to seek the mother care services provided by Maika. And I must say it was one the best advice I had ever received in my life. I got a dedicated home nurse from Maika who helped me in overcoming the challenges I was facing as a new mother. She watched my baby during the night as a result I could get a good 8 hour sleep and woke up with a better mood to bond with the baby. She also helped me in taking care of the baby and gave me all the physical and emotional support I needed during that period.

- Sheikha, Mother Care

Hiring a maternity nurse to help me during my pregnancy and postnatal phase was hands down the best decision I ever made. The maternity home nurse provided by Maika was amazing in all aspects of my pregnancy and post pregnancy care. She helped me to stay calm and confident throughout the journey. She spent time working through my fear of birth and also set about a plan to try and achieve a normal delivery. She was a pillar of support and the best helping hand while caring for my newborn. I am glad I chose Maika and got the best maternity nurse.

- Amna, Maternity Nurse


As parents you may need to focus on work and other commitments and during the hours you are away from your precious ones, our professionals will take care of them while ensuring complete safety and security.

Post Cesarean

A cesarean delivery can be hard on mothers as at the end of the day it is a surgery. Therefore, it requires additional care. We assign a well-trained and qualified home nurse to help quick recovery of the mother and also nurture the infant in the early phase of their life making sure that both mother & baby stay healthy.

Part-time Nannies

Are you searching for a reliable and trustworthy nanny to take care of your baby on a part time basis or need a night nanny to watch over your newborn while you can rest? Your search can end at Maika as we provide nannies who are equipped with essential skills and knowledge to take good care of your child.


Postnatal recovery is a challenging period where both mother and baby require immense care, attention, guidance and support to recover and maintain good health. At Maika, we are aware of the challenges postpartum phase can pose and thus, our home care nurses do their bit in taking away all the worries and workload away from mothers and ensure best possible in-home care to babies.

Why Choose Maika?   

We care for your
loved ones

We are the best home nursing services available across the UAE, whether you live in Dubai, Sharjah, Umm Al Quwain, Ras Al Khaimah, Ajman or Fujairah. Our professionals are dependable, honest and passionate about their duties.

Your child’s safety and security are of utmost importance to us that’s why we have a strict screening before appointing childcare professionals. We conduct a thorough background check to ensure that they don’t have a blemished past record. We also provide flexible working hours and are fully capable of helping you out even on a short notice. Our services ensure a new dimension to care for both mother as well as the child.

If you are expecting a baby or need help now to look after your toddler, or need more details regarding our scope of services please get in touch with us. You can fill us in about your requirements if you need tailor-made services, we would be happy to help in all situations.