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Parenting is a 24/7 job and unlike other jobs you don’t want to take time off from it. But, we know for sure that every parent sometimes wonders if there was a reliable person who can take care of the baby like their own, providing a much needed break for the new parents. The small break can help parents focus on other important aspects of your life such as your job or attending a social gathering or just going on a shopping spree with your spouse.

Though parents strive hard to strike a perfect work-life balance, most of the time it feels far-fetched. As you advance in your career, spending quality time with your kids becomes a weekend activity. But, not spending enough time with your kids will not only impact baby health negatively but also make them feel lonely and ignored which can have an adverse effect on their psychological health. This can lead to complications in the future. Opting for a babysitting service can be the solution to all these problems.

Hiring a babysitter is a tough decision as we understand leaving your baby who is a piece of your heart that is walking outside your body, with someone for several hours a day needs a certain level of trust and requires special skills. To solve problems regarding babysitter at home opt for babysitting at home services provided by Maika. We are known for providing the best baby care in Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain, Ras Al Khaimah & Fujairah. With our babysitting at home service you need not go searching for a babysitting center and can be rest assured that your kid is in good hands.

How To Find A Babysitter?

There are a few things that you need to keep in mind when you decide to leave your little munchkin under the care of a babysitter at home.

Our babysitters at home can be asked to provide a bath to the baby, dressing the newborn or toddler, change diapers and help in preparing a nutritious meal that can be beneficial for baby health.

How are we different from other babysitting service providers?

Hiring a babysitter at home in UAE can be a herculean task for the parents as most of the babysitting centers don’t provide experienced and certified home nurses in child care but that is not the case with Maika. Here are a few things that make Maika a leader in providing nursing services in UAE:  

  • Knowing that your child is in the company of a trusted babysitter can make you feel less stressed and give you the much needed peace of mind. We at Maika understand that and have dedicated babysitting at home services around the clock. Our babysitters work 12 hours as well as 24 hours shifts. In case you have an urgent requirement that crops up out of the blue we can also help with that.
  • Our experts can care for babies during the night allowing parents to catch a good eight hour sleep. Our nurse at home service can help your little one to form a more structured night time routine. If you need help in sleep training our experts can also educate you with few sleep training methods.
  • Our babysitters go through an induction process where we provide them with an in-depth-training which covers all aspects of childcare including child safety, growth and development, how to maintain hygiene around children etc.
  • We can help your little one to develop a social bond with people other than your family and friends. Mingling with people other than your family is essential for your child’s social and emotional development.
  • We can also provide babysitters for minimum 6 hours in case you need to step out for some special event or occasion. Our babysitter/nanny will take care of the baby while you can enjoy the event without having to worry about keeping your baby entertained.

If you are searching for a fulltime or part time ‘babysitter near me’ or need babysitter at home service at any hour of the day your search can end with us. Please get in touch with us using the contact details shared below to discuss your requirements in detail. We can even provide references from families who have used our services and were satisfied with the support of our trained staff. If you are living in Dubai, Sharjah or even in other Emirates of the UAE we can provide the best home care nurse to look after your little one. We highly recommend advance bookings so that we can find you the best suited professional who will provide you all the help you need in taking good care of the well-being of your family.

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Newborn Care

Your baby’s health will be carefully monitored by our home care nurse


Our professionals will take care of them while ensuring complete safety and security

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Child Care

Our child care providers are available in 12 to 24 hours shifts to help out busy parents

Parrt time nannies

Part time nannies

we provide nannies who are equipped with essential skills and knowledge to take good care of your child.


Our maternity nurses ensure to provide you the best birthing plan as well as give the best afterbirth care.

Breastfeeding Support

With the assistance of our nurses and lactation consultants we provide the needed support

Postnatal Home Visits

Our home care nurses do their bit in taking away all the worries and workload away from mothers and ensure best

Post Cesarean Care

We assign a well-trained and qualified home nurse to help quick recovery of the mother and also nurture the infant