Mother Care


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Want to experience the joys of motherhood without getting dazed by the challenges that come along during the journey called parenthood? You need to consider the mother care services provided by Maika. Motherhood is indeed one of the most beautiful phases in a woman’s life and through our services we make it a more comfortable and blissful experience.

Giving birth to a baby makes new mums undergo both physical and emotional changes. Therefore, quality home care is an absolute requisite to lessen postpartum complications as well as nurture the bond between the mother and baby. Several studies have proven that postnatal care is of utmost importance to ensure speedy recovery and maintain good health of mother as well as the child.

Our home nurses make sure that new mothers get accustomed to the new phase of their life and cherish motherhood. They will help you establish a routine with your newborn and provide measures with all common problems faced by new mothers.

Mother Care​

Get the right care for mom


Our maternity nurses ensure to provide you the best birthing plan as well as give the best afterbirth care.

Breastfeeding Support

With the assistance of our nurses and lactation consultants we provide the needed support

Postnatal Home Visits

Our home care nurses do their bit in taking away all the worries and workload away from mothers and ensure best

Post Cesarean Care

We assign a well-trained and qualified home nurse to help quick recovery of the mother and also nurture the infant