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Welcoming a newborn into the home brings in unparalleled joy and the excitement that can’t be described in words. The arrival of your little bundle of joy can also be challenging at times especially for first time parents. No matter how much you read up about parenting or the plethora of advice you get on newborn baby care from your family or friends, nothing can completely prepare you for it. After birth care can be made easy only if you choose to get help from professionals who have years of experience in infant care.
During the exhilarating journey of parenthood newborns need around-the-clock home care during the first few months and constantly caring for infants without any help can drain you quickly. Finding an experienced home nurse in UAE for baby care may not be as hard as you imagined with the newborn care services we provide at Maika. Our team of professionals who are highly skilled in baby care can guide you on how to nurture your precious one with utmost love.

Why Choose Our Services?

After birth care for moms is as important as infant care and the sleepless nights during the first couple of months after the birth of your newborn can be challenging therefore hiring a certified newborn care specialist sounds like a wise decision. You will be able to do much better as a parent if you are not sleep deprived.

Every baby is different and has different needs. This is where our nurse at home service can do wonders. Our specialists can assist you on how to set the perfect foundation for baby health and make you more confident as a new parent. Our home care service can help you create the perfect environment for your baby to grow so that you can focus more on improving your bond with the newborn and creating cherished memories that will last for a lifetime. Our services can give you the best results with common concerns associated with newborn care including excessive crying; sleep training, digestion issues such as reflux etc. Your newborn’s safety and wholesome growth are of utmost priority for our experts.

Scope of Newborn Care Services and Their Benefits

Taking Care Of Newborn Hygiene

Taking care of hygiene is one of the most crucial elements when we talk about newborn care. Many first time mothers are nervous while handling their babies during bath time, our home nurses can help with it. They can keep towels, fresh diapers and clean clothes ready before you take your baby for a bath. They can also assist with massaging the baby that can have a calming and relaxing effect on the baby. Newborn skincare and tackling diaper rashes that are a common cause of concern for new parents which can also be handled by our professionals. Sterilizing baby bottles after each feed can also be done by them.

Develop A Sense Of Routine

Like adults babies need to develop their own sleep cycles. Sleep training is one of the most challenging aspects as a new parent. Newborns need to sleep about 16 hours or more, but they do it only in short-bursts, their sleep is quite fragmented especially during the night. Waking up at night every two hours for several months to feed the baby or soothing a baby who might be screaming inconsolably can feel like a nightmare.

With the expertise of our certified care specialists you can have a goodnight’s sleep and wake up feeling fresh the next morning while your infant is watched overnight. If the newborn is taking formula fed our nurse at home can bottle feed the baby or if the newborn is exclusively breastfed she can take the baby to the mother providing complete rest to the new mother. Our trained and highly skilled home nurses in Emirates of Dubai, Sharjah, Umm Al Quwain, Ras Al Khaimah, Fujairah & Ajman can also educate you about specific sleep training methods that can help you set a routine for your baby.    

Providing Emotional Support to Mother

Postnatal care for mothers is equally important as they may be experiencing a range of emotions. This can even lead to postpartum depression especially in first time mothers. With the right guidance from our home care nurse you can set a routine for your newborn without feeling anxious. You can focus on balancing other priorities and have more time for caring for yourself and other loved ones in your family. Our nurse at home service will also provide you ample support and encouragement with breastfeeding and help out with burping your baby at the end of each feed.

It’s often a daunting task for new parents deciphering what the baby exactly wants during the first few weeks and often leads to stress in new parents. Though you may eventually learn by trial and error, having an expert can help you with special tips to identify what your baby exactly wants. 

Keeping Track of Baby Health

Our home care nurses will carefully observe the baby’s health and keep a track record of his/her development and can call up the primary pediatrician if she comes across any cause of concern.

As parents trying to provide the best newborn care for their little munchkins it’s essential to do the due diligence in finding the best child care and your search for ‘best infant care near me’ can end at Maika. We provide highly skilled and trained professionals for services including home nurses in Emirates of Sharjah, Dubai, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain, Ras Al Khaimah and Fujairah. So if you want to get the best infant care near you for the newest member of your family please contact us to help us understand your requirements to serve you accordingly. We would highly appreciate it if you opt for advance bookings. 

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