Feeding your baby: Breastfeeding & formula feeding

Feeding your baby is an important aspect of their early development and growth. There are two primary methods of feeding infants: breastfeeding and formula feeding. Both breastfeeding and formula feeding can be suitable options for your baby. The choice depends on various factors, including personal preference, health considerations, and individual circumstances. No matter what your choice is we at Maika believe in providing the best support to the mothers to keep feeding issues at bay.

Breastfeeding Support: Breastfeeding enhances the bonding between the mother and baby, but it doesn’t come naturally to all mothers. The baby needs to latch onto the breast correctly to ensure proper milk transfer. Mothers can seek assistance from our newborn care professionals if they encounter difficulties. Our maternity nurses can also ensure that the mother maintains a healthy diet, stays hydrated, and nurse the baby frequently to establish and maintain an adequate milk supply.

Assistance with formula feeding: Formula feeding involves providing infants with commercially prepared infant formula as a substitute for breast milk. Formula milk is designed to provide adequate nutrition for babies who are not breastfed or receive a combination of breast milk and formula. If the newborn is taking formula our nurse at home can bottle feed the baby .

Formula-fed babies generally have more scheduled feedings compared to breast-fed babies. The frequency and amount of formula feeding can vary depending on the baby’s age, appetite, and growth. Over time, babies may consume larger volumes of formula per feeding and have longer intervals between feedings. Our child care professionals will make sure that the baby is fed at regular intervals. 

Our nurses will also make sure that the bottles used for formula feeding are washed and sterilized properly to keep problems like tummy aches at bay. 

If you want assistance with your newborn baby, toddler or are a mother who needs an extra set of hands to care for the baby you can contact us and book our services now.  

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