Mom’s Achieve the Perfect Work-life Balance with Maika

Is your maternity leave about to end and you are panicking how you will juggle office responsibilities along with taking care of your baby, calm down as we have got you covered. 

The best way to alleviate mom-guilt that comes with going back to work is getting the best baby care experts and at Maika we have the best nurses who will take care of your baby just the way you would do. 

Our childcare providers will help you achieve the perfect work-life balance with the peace of mind that your babies are in good hands. Our services will help you free up more time & energy not just by being productive on the work front but also giving you the time to focus on your own needs. 

You can choose from our wide range of services:

Newborn Care: Most moms need to get back to work while their little ones are just 6 months old. The infants are still adjusting their sleep routines and hitting new developmental milestones every day. This phase of their lives needs special care which can be provided by our newborn care experts. 

Childcare: There are few moms who have taken a break from their career to focus on the needs of their newborn but want to get back to work after a few years. Leaving the toddler in a day care centre doesn’t seem right to her as she wants someone to focus completely on the needs of her child. In such cases you can opt for our childcare professionals who will look after your kids just the way you do. 

Babysitters: Getting a babysitter at home can help your child in several ways. You can step out for work peacefully without worrying about the needs of your baby. Our babysitters will keep you updated about your babies’ schedules and developments. 

Part-time nannies: If you are freelancing or have a part-time job and just need to stay away from the baby only for a few hours, you can opt for our part-time nanny services. 

The Bottom Line

With the best baby care within your range, do not let your career take a backseat. Go and strive to be the best in whatever you do, and our professional childcare providers will make sure that you emerge as the best mom too. If you have any further queries regarding our services, contact us today. 

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