What Does Maika’s Newborn Care Service Entail? 

Taking care of your newborn involves several aspects. Babies need to be cared for round the clock and from feeding them to bathing them everything needs to be done with utmost care. If you have opted for Maika’s newborn care services, you can expect our experts to assist you with the following:

Feeding: You can either opt to breastfeed your baby or bottle feed. No matter what you choose our nurses can help you in both tasks. Our nurses are trained in providing breastfeeding support and they can help in assist mothers to find the right positioning to promote effective nursing. If you’re using formula or expressed breast milk, our nurses will make sure that the feeding bottle is sterilized properly.

Bathing: Our home care nurses can bathe the baby or assist the mother by making sure that the temperature of water used for baby’s bath is accurate, gathering all necessary supplies for the bath and in the end wrapping the baby in a towel and patting them dry. 

Diaper Changes: Our newborn care experts will make sure that they lay your baby on a safe, clean surface and unfasten the dirty diaper. Use wipes or a wet cloth to clean the diaper area gently. Followed by lifting your baby’s legs and placing a fresh diaper under their bottom. Fasten the diaper securely but not too tight.

Soothing a crying baby: Our baby care experts can soothe a crying baby by gently rocking or swaying them. 

Ensure safe sleep practices: Newborns sleep for extended periods, usually 14-17 hours a day, in short bursts of a few hours at a time. Our nurses will create a calm and comfortable sleep environment for them and help you establish a bedtime routine. They will ensure safe sleeping practices including placing the baby on their back to sleep, as it reduces the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

If you are searching for the best newborn care, childcare or mother care professionals contact us today. 

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