What’s included in the training of our nurses?

Entrusting your precious child to someone else requires assurance, and at Maika we prioritize peace of mind for parents and child safety through a special training program designed for our home nurses deployed for newborn care, babysitting, mother care and child care.

Our training encompasses various aspects crucial for providing best baby/child/ mother care, this includes:

Expertise in baby/childcare techniques: Our training ensures that the nurses are equipped with the essential skills for high-quality childcare. From assistance in feeding, diapering, bathing a newborn to soothing techniques, our baby care professionals/nannies undergo thorough training to anticipate and address your child’s needs effectively, focusing on their optimal health.

Understanding child development: Child development is a nuanced process that varies at each stage of life. Our training programs delve into comprehensive education on child development, covering cognitive & social milestones. This knowledge empowers our nurses to create age-appropriate activities and environments, fostering healthy development.

Child safety a top priority: Safety is paramount for parents, and our training programs emphasize safety protocols. Our nurses hold essential certificates including Basic Life Support (BLS), first aid, baby-proofing techniques, and swift emergency responses. This knowledge ensures that your child is in safe hands at all times.

Building trust & fostering communication: Effective communication between parents and their caretakers is essential for a healthy babysitting environment. Our training teaches nurses how to build trust, foster open communication, and respect family values. This alignment ensures that our childcare professionals understand and adhere to your parenting style and goals.

Our well-trained nurses/nannies are committed to continuous professional development, staying abreast of the latest advancements to provide your child with the best care possible.

Maika: A Wise Investment in Your Child’s Future

By choosing our well-trained nurses you are making a significant investment in their safety, development, and your own peace of mind. Opting for a trained baby care professional/babysitter means choosing excellence in childcare—an informed decision that sets the stage for your child’s bright future.

Our nurses taking charge of your child’s care, allows you to focus on your work and daily responsibilities, giving you the perfect work-life balance that you always desired. If you are looking for the best baby/child/mother care professionals get in touch with us and book your appointment

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