Why do Mom’s with C-section Need Additional Care?

It is often seen that after the birth of their baby mothers often ignore their own well-being. Whether it is a normal delivery or a cesarean birth it is necessary for mothers to take ample rest during the post-partum period to avoid any sort of health complications. Postpartum care become even more imperative if you have undergone a c-section. To help you out in this situation, we at Maika have skilled home nurses who are experts in post-cesarean care. If you want to know how our nurses can help you out keep reading this post.

Though you may be asked to stay at the hospital for around 4- 6days at the hospital after your delivery but the real struggle starts once you are discharged from the hospital facility. C-section is a major abdominal surgery, and this is why you need to take additional care to recover completely. Let us take a look how our nurses can help you with it.

Helping with wound care

Our nurse at home can help in redressing the wound using the Aseptic Non-touch technique to avoid the chances of infection. They can also observe the wound and look out for any symptoms of infection such as redness, swelling or foul odor. They can also assess if the wound is healing or not.

Assist with Post-operative Visits

Our nurses can help you during the post-operative visits to your medical practitioner.

Assist with the Newborn

Besides taking care of the mother, our nurses can also help you with the duties towards the newborn

Monitoring the Vitals

Our experts will keep track of your vitals within the comfort of your home as a part of holistic after delivery care for mother. Your blood pressure and heart rate will be monitored carefully. They will assist you in case you feel some kind of excess bleeding or any kind of pain. They can carry out postoperative catheter care and management.

Emotional Support

Postpartum can be a difficult period for many mothers and there is a high chance that they might need additional care and emotional support and our home nurses will provide the same.

If you are looking for skilled nurses who can take care of mothers as well as the newborn after a c-section delivery you can contact us and book an appointment. 


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